Wexford Properties—Grandview Condominiums

Lima Company Project Spotlight

Client: Wexford Properties—Grandview Condominiums
Project: Replacement of boilers and the addition of a building automation system
Building Information: Built in 1998, 194 Units / 16 Stories

| About Our Client

Wexford Property Management is a property management firm specializing in multi-family assets and condominiums. Wexford currently manages apartment assets in the Mid-Atlantic region with a focus on Philadelphia, PA and Washington, DC.

Effective property management isn’t easy. It takes attention to detail, constant vigilance, and hard work. But that’s our job. And if we do it right, it should appear easy to our clients. Our clients should see well-maintained properties, clear and timely financial planning and reporting, and fast and thorough responses to their questions… And they do. We take a thorough and tested approach to property management that begins with visiting the property and ends with a detailed plan that our managers can put into action.

To learn more about Wexford Property Management: www.wexfordcorporate.com

Project | Grandview Condominiums

The project was split into two phases:

  1. Demolition and removal of the original boilers (20 years old), followed by the full installation of the new boiler system.
  2. Designing and installing a full functioning user interface to manage the facility.

The boilers that we replaced were decades old. For years, the building was having consistent issues with the units and the cost to run/maintain the units became a huge expense. We worked with Wexford Property Management to design options that would make fiscal sense for the long term. The old units were dismantled and removed from the facility. The new boilers were assembled, installed and tested for optimum performance.

To help manage the new system, we designed and installed a modern interface that the facilities management can use 24/7 to monitor the boilers operation. This system enables our clients to monitor, measure, and optimize their building’s performance — saving energy while saving money. Features include secure user accounts, customized viewing preferences, alarm management, state of the art graphics, advanced activity logs and trend charts.