Phillies 2023 – Employee Appreciation Game

Bob Adams Community Spotlight, Lima Cares, Video

What a great day at our Phillies 2023 – Employee Appreciation Game.   It was awesome spending time with everyone and their families. Lots of laughing, eating/drinking, telling stories and even dancing a bit. 

People often ask What we do, but few people ask How or WHY we do it.  It’s easy to explain the WHAT we do when asked, but it’s the HOW and WHY that is most important!  The HOW has EVERYTHING to do with Lima Company employees working closely together as a team to provide superior service to not only our clients, but to each other. Caring more about each other, then we care about ourselves makes for great success. The WHY might be different for all of us.  We might want to give some thought to our personal WHY, just in case someone asks! 

Thank you all for being part of Team Lima! We appreciate you!