Spending A Fortune On Your Hot Water?

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We have the solution. We recommend that you consider converting to a Bradford White eF Series super high efficient commercial gas water heater. These water heaters boast the highest efficiency rating, greatest venting flexibility and quietest operation of any commercial gas water heater in its class. Its unprecedented 99.1% thermal efficiency reduces utility expenses, saves money and qualifies for tax rebates in many states.

At Lima Company we do not focus on any single brand. We always seek out the right choice to best serve our clients needs. We believe that the eF Series is the right choice to cut your water heating expense.

The Technology Behind the EF Series

Combustion gases generated by our Premix Power Burner travel through three specifically designed heat exchangers. The combustion gases enter the 1st pass heat exchanger at a temperature above 2000°F. The gases then travel down the 8″ flue tube, efficiently transferring heat to the surrounding water, and reach the 1st pass collector at a temperature near 1100°F. Gases are then redirected upwards into two 4″ 2nd pass heat exchangers and end up in the 2nd pass collector. The gases, which have now been reduced to 500°F, are forced downward through eight 2″ 3rd pass heat exchangers and reach the exhaust collector at a temperature of 120°F. This reduced temperature is below the allowable core temperature for plastic pipe, which then allows us to vent using PVC, ABS, or CPVC pipe.

Check out this savings!

Conventional Water Heater vs. eF Series Water Heater