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January 2022


It’s been a while since the last Lima Loop and we hope this issue finds everyone healthy, happy and safe. 

Can anyone argue the fact that we all have had an unbelievable year and a half? Was it unbelievably good or unbelievably bad? How you answer this is your choice, depending on your perspective. 
As 2021 disappears in the rearview mirror and we look forward to the exciting happenings of 2022, let’s put our focus and ENERGY toward positive thoughts, counting our blessings and embracing positive change that will better position us for personal/business success in the year to come. 

In this issue, you should see and feel the ENERGY Lima Company is bringing to the U.S. market this year! You will read examples of our Combined Heat and Power (CHP) service projects as well as our turn-key CHP system installations. These projects have taken us all over the country to help clients and partners with their on-site energy plants. You will see how our blended mechanical services work in concert across professional trade disciplines that include: Plumbing, HVAC/RBuilding Automation and Energy Services. The blend of trade services allows for full understanding of building mechanical systems and how they interact with each other and their host facility. This leads to highly efficient and well performing systems that in turn extend the useful life of all incorporated equipment. 

Since 1976, our partnerships have been a critical part of our success and continue in the energy sector as well. We value these partnerships and enjoy hosting various events to create ENERGY around our valued partnerships. 

We look forward to continuing to raise the tide for all the boats as we navigate through the new year. Thank you and as always, it is our pleasure to serve! 


Robert E. Adams Jr.
Vice President– Sales and Marketing  ‌ 

The ENERGY EditionCHP Service/Repair Projects 

Our client: A Maryland Wastewater Treatment Plant  
About Our Client:This Water Treatment Department produced 2.0 billion gallons of drinking water in 2020 with an average daily usage of 6.1 million gallons with no Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) or Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) violations.  Their Water Quality department conducts quality testing on 12,500-plus samples of water and wastewater for treatment compliance each year and the Water Service team maintains 2,500 fire hydrants, 18,000-plus water meters, and 211 miles of water distribution mains and services up to private property lines. They have six water storage tanks plus 6.75-million-gallon capacity.  At the plant, methane is produced during decomposition of waste in a digester. Being a hazardous gas and a by-product of waste treatment, it was previously burned off in a stack. This methane is now being utilized at the plant by powering a gas engine connected to a generator producing free electricity… AND the flue gas and combustion engine cooling waste heat is captured and used to heat the digester, eliminating another greenhouse gas.  

About the Project: Our client had a combined heat and power (CHP) engine that had reached the end of its useful life and needed a replacement. Since we have experience with this type of project and service Liebherr Engines throughout the U.S., we were engaged to remove the current engine and replace it with a new engine. The replacement engine is a new Liebherr G9408 that runs with Biogas from a digester fed from the wastewater treatment operations. 

We also committed to a Service/Maintenance Agreement to care for the equipment and ensure its operation for years to come. This includes monitoring, service, and all Preventive Maintenance services.

We just finished the 3,000 Hour Maintenance Service which includes, but is notlimited to: changing oil filters, performing oil analysis, changing oil separator media, changing spark plugs, adjusting valve clearances, cleaning air filters, checking coolant levels, save controller history and reset maintenance timers.

Our Client:An On-Site Power Provider 
About Our Client:Our client is an Independent Power Producer focused on clean energy infrastructure assets.  
This company develops, invests in, and manages sustainable infrastructure assets, such as renewable and waste to energy projects throughout North America. This includes the management of utility scale projects as well as the aggregation of smaller, “behind the meter” projects into portfolios. Our client has an extensive portfolio of distributed generation and grid-connected solar energy parks and wind farms in Europe and the Americas. About the Projects:Our client owns two energy plants in two separate hotels in New York City. The first plant is a 750kW combined heat and power (CHP) project that includes three (3) 250kW CHP units with high reliability. This plant reduces energy cost, increases resiliency, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions for the hotel by over 40% vs conventional energy generation. The second plant is a 500kW combined heat and power (CHP) project includes two (2) 250kW CHP units with high reliability. This plant also reduces energy cost, increases resiliency, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions for the hotel by over 40% vs conventional energy generation. Lima Company is providing routine maintenance for all five (5) CHP systems as well as 24/7/365 monitoring.

We performed an evaluation of all the engines to create a baseline for performance. This included measuring compression pressure in each cylinder, measuring engine crankcase pressure, identifying necessary spare parts for maintenance, and reviewing failure sequences. We performed routine maintenance which included oil changes, filter replacements, verifying condition and leak, age of the intake and exhaust system, verifying coolant levels and conditions, and oil pressure monitoring. Created a customized monitoring program that included: active monitoring with predictive failure analysis, continuous 24/7 data collection, detailed weekly report, notification of upcoming service intervals, and much more. One engine will be overhauled in December and a re-manufactured MAN E2842 E312 engine will be installed. All systems are working well, and we will continue to monitor and perform preventive maintenance to ensure continued reliability and efficiency. 
Below are various photos of these projects:

Projects Powered by Lima Energy Services

Our Client:An International Consulting and Engineering firm  
About Our Client: Our client is an international consulting and engineering firm that works with private and public sector clients to address new ventures and complex problems involving our environment, natural resources, and civil infrastructure. They have a combined staff of over 1,700 scientists, engineers, and related technical and project support personnel, they serve clients from more than 90 offices throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, and Australia. 

About the Project: Our client is working for a large manufacturing company that has a parcel of wooded land that needs ground remediation. Our client’s Contaminated Site Practitioners guide their clients through a specialized remediation plan, consult on regulatory strategies, and develop a comprehensive cleanup approach. They can address numerous types of media, including contaminated soils, sediments, and groundwater. In this situation, the affected area was in the middle of the woods and the section required the surface to be paved with asphalt to aide in the remediation process. The issue in this remote area is the lack of power to energize the remediation equipment. So, Lima Company designed an on-site power generation system that will run on propane gas. This system will provide the energy to power all the remediation equipment, in island mode, for the duration of the project. Since the project duration is six to twenty-four months, Lima Company designed a rental agreement for the turnkey system to help ease the strain on their financial budget. The service also includes start up and commissioning, exhaust piping, HMI controls for operation, cellular monitoring bridge, LP gas connections and preventive maintenance for the duration of the project.

Our Client:Renewable energy solution company 
About Our Client: Our client develops customized renewable energy solutions that are specifically tailored to solve each client’s unique requirements and needs with a focus on responsible use of natural resources and environmental protection. Their roots began in a company formed in 2008 which quickly established a reputation for providing quality services in the federal, state, and private sectors. From an initial operation of one employee this company grew into a corporation of now over 200 employees worldwide. The company specifically was born of a zeal to address growing challenges in our world’s handling of organic wastes and the need for sustainable clean energy. The company currently operates renewable energy projects in Virginia and Maryland with additional academic partnerships in New York and Pennsylvania. The parent company also conducts operations in seven states and four countries.

About the Project:This project is located on a farm that is contract grower for the fourth-largest producer of chicken in the United States. Each chicken growing cycle produces considerable accumulation of poultry manure, a waste stream which contributes to harmful nutrient runoff in the fragile Chesapeake Bay Watershed ecosystem when applied as a fertilizer to crops. To address the issues of waste accumulation and nutrient runoff, our client developed a customized Anaerobic Digestion System which was selected for funding by the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) through both the Animal Waste to Energy and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) grant programs. Their solution reduces the concentration of three inhibitory nutrients in chicken manure prior to and during digestion leading to the effective and efficient conversion of manure into biogas while simultaneously making the digestate eligible to be used as a fertilizer within the nutrient restricted Chesapeake Bay Watershed. The biogas produced will be used to reduce the farm’s reliance on propane as well as to operate the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) engine supplied and installed by Lima Company as part of the renewable energy system which will generate electricity and heat for use on site. This biogas CHP system Lima Company designed includes: a micro-CHP unit powered by biogas, 50-gallon water heater, circulation pumps, piping, valves and expansion tanks, sensors for monitoring, exhaust piping and condensate lines.

Our Manufactures/Partners:

The relationships and partnerships we have built in our lifetimes are critical to our continued success. These relationships are built on a rock-solid foundation of trust and accountability. Without our valued partners, Lima Company would not be who they are today! It is our pleasure to introduce you to a few of our partners in the Energy space:

2G Energy Inc., a subsidiary of 2G Energy AG in Germany, is a renowned CHP cogeneration specialist offering best-in-class cogeneration systems for natural gas, biogas, landfill gas, syngas, and hydrogen in the 50 to 2,500 kW power range. 2G Energy is both an engine manufacturer and a complete CHP system packager of both their own engines as well as a select few engine partners. 2G Energy offers the most efficient and reliable energy solutions because of our highly engineered modular design and focus on making the highest quality product with outstanding service. With over 6,500 2G systems installed worldwide, our customers confirm the quality and performance of 2G products and are the backbone of our international success. 

2G Energy Inc. and LIMA Company of Philadelphia, PA, formed a strategic partnership for development, construction, and long-term service of net-zero ready CHP projects. Under the agreement, LIMA will utilize 2G’s best in class CHP products to deliver commercial and industrial energy users saving, business resilience and carbon saving. Click here for the official press release:

MAN designs reliable engine-based CHP solutions with the flexibility to meet your changing load requirements. In addition to using practically all the input energy to achieve efficiency levels of up to 95%, these systems also use the heat from the gas engine to produce heat or cold.  The MAN engine-based CHP solutions are the ideal choice if your business focuses on electrical power generation and hot water production, e.g. the power-to-heat ratio is higher than 0.8. We design CHP plants with engines that offer a great deal of flexibility in terms of the different electricity and thermal power demands that energy producers face throughout the year. Compact in design, these systems are quick to install and easy to maintain. The high-power density and fuel efficiency cut CO2 emissions and keep operating costs down.  Lima Company sells and services MAN engines in all types of combined heat and power (CHP) systems:
Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, today doubled down on its long-standing strategy to embed environmental, social and governance considerations into every facet of its activities – and to assist its customers and business partners in achieving their own sustainability objectives. 

EcoStruxure Hybrid DCS from Schneider Electric is the scalable solution for CHP systems. Schneider Electric Modicon™-based controllers and Foxboro™ Control Systems have automated power plants for decades. Over the years, Schneider Electric has developed projects with every turbine and HRSG/boiler manufacturer on-line today, using virtually every fuel type. Today, CHP is often combined with a microgrid to provide a resilient, cost effective, sustainable, and ‘islandable’ electric power and heating source.

Building Control Solutions (BCS) is the right choice if you want to optimize your energy consumption, update aging facilities, and gain anytime, anywhere access to your building systems.  The BCS team approach to building comfort and energy management differs from the rest. Our mission is to place our clients in the driver’s seat with open protocol-based control systems.  We help clients realize significant financial savings through expert installation, operation, and maintenance of your facility. Further savings can be achieved by adding advanced services, such as building analytics and optimization. The building owner and operator is given flexibility and is not locked into the same proprietary products and local service agents. From a standalone boiler or HVAC controller to a fully integrated web-based building automation system, we are here to help.  BCS is a Certified Partner of Schneider Electric. 

Building Control Solutions Website

AirGreen manufactures a novel and patented air conditioning and dehumidification system designed to provide superior comfort while also saving significant energy costs. Unlike traditional mechanical cooling systems, AirGreen uses a closed-loop liquid desiccant system to strip the moisture (humidity) from the air while also cooling it.

The AirGreen system has been designed to provide superior comfort at substantial lower operating costs. If humidity is an issue – this is where AirGreen’s performance really sets us apart. When compared to mechanical systems that overcool and reheat to control humidity, the
AirGreen technology can save up to 60% in cooling season energy costs. And because we are providing comfort with much drier air, the actual A/C setpoint can be raised a few degrees with no loss in comfort. Finally, our liquid desiccant cooling system also scrubs the air of pollutants, pathogens, and microbes, improving air quality and reducing the chance of mold formation – which can occur frequently when moisture and humidity are not controlled.

Lima Company integrates AirGreen products into specific systems to better serve client’s needs.

With over 100,000 units operating worldwide, Yazaki is a leading supplier of non-CFCbased space cooling. A Yazaki absorption chiller-heater, using water as the refrigerant, is today’s best choice in air conditioning for protecting the environment and reducing the cost of energy. Capacities of 5 through 200 RT are available to either cool or heatinstallations such as schools, offices, hospitals, industrial facilities, and hotels.

Lima Company provides sales and service for the absorption chillers and incorporatesthese products into their projects.

Liebherr gas engines are designed for stationary applications, such as combined heatand power units and biogas plants. The fully equipped gas engines by Liebherr impress with their performance and the high mechanical efficiency of 41.5 up to over 43 percent. In addition, their clients also benefit from the high level of reliability and excellent quality of the base version engines.

Lima Company installs and services these engines throughout the U.S.

Our Energy Events 

Daytona Race Weekend 
Team Lima raced in the 2021 HSR Classic and WOW, what a great racing weekend at Daytona International Speedway! Team Lima came in 1st in Class and 2nd overall in the Sprint Race! Bob Lima started in 10th spot and ended finishing in 2nd place! We had a great time with our friends 2G Energy North America, Schneider Electric and Lima Company folks! Thank you to the Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach for your hospitality this weekend! 
Lima Company Website

Happy “Educational and Networking” Hour+ with the Young Professionals in Energy (YPE- Philly) group 

It was our pleasure hosting the Young Professionals in Energy (YPE- Philly) group for a Happy “Educational and Networking” Hour+ in our CHP Training Center. We toured our combined heat and power training facility and reviewed how we designed the system to energize our 37,000 facility in island mode! One hot topic was 2G Energy’s Hydrogen Ready CHP units. We discussed how 2G engines can be retrofitted to run on hydrogen on-site. Run on Natural Gas now and convert to hydrogen in the future! 
Young Professionals in Energy Website

GPAEE (Greater Philadelphia Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers) October Meeting

Lima Company was honored to host the October meeting for GPAEE (Greater Philadelphia Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers). The meeting was sponsored by our friends at Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW) and conversations centered around: 

– Lima Company CHP Training Center and how it was designed around the micro CHP unit and that the system provides all the energy needed to power the 37,000 square foot facility including thermal and electric demand 
– PGW programs for CHP and how they can help with projects
– 2G Energy/ Lima Company partnership and how their products are Hydrogen Ready with field conversion capability. 

Huge thank you to GPAEE (Greater Philadelphia Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers) for allowing us to host this event. It was awesome catching up with everyone and having some laughs and great conversations! Thank you to Philadelphia Gas Works, PECO, an Exelon Company and 2G Energy North America for being great partners to Lima Company! 

Greater Philadelphia Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers Website
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