CHP Preventive Maintenance for Higher-Educational Institutions

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Another great energy service provided by Lima Company!  

This site is a University in Southeastern Region of the United States.  The university needed preventive maintenance agreements on their Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems as well 24/7 remote operations monitoring.  

The engine manufacturer is Manand the preventive maintenance includes, but is not limited to: Spark plug inspections and replacements, Engine inspections, Re-Calibrations, Lube Oil Replacements, Ignition calibration, Air/Oil filter replacements etc.  

Lima Company remotely monitors the system 24/7/365 for overall performance, maintenance issues and sustainability performance. Certain operational and maintenance issues can be identified and adjusted via remote operation of the CHP equipment, while other issues will require dispatch and onsite repairs. 

Lima Company has experience with all the major CHP manufactures and the reciprocating engines they use in their equipment.  

Since 1976, Lima Company hasbeen dedicated to serving clients.  Our nearly 100 employees work as a team across professional trade disciplines that include: Plumbing, HVAC/R, Building Automation and Energy Services. This blend of trades allows for full understanding of building mechanical systems and how they interact with each other. This leads to highly efficient and well performing systems which in turn extend the useful life of all equipment involved.